Construction Equipment Transport

The advancement in the construction business has led to the growth of the heavy construction equipment marketplace. It is one of the most prominent and most competitive sectors of the U.S. manufacturing economy involved in the making of construction equipment. Since this industry is developing in its own way, the need for construction equipment transport is increasing with time. There are many companies that are in operation and business for the transportation of construction equipment.

Since every work you do depends upon the productivity of heavy equipment and relevant parts, goods, accessories, and services, it is worth it to have a dependable resource to transport the equipment without harming them in any way. Over the last few decades, the automobile transportation market has grown tremendously, and now has become the practical selection for people to transport their vehicles; both locally and internationally. The heavy machinery transport business has used technology in the best way possible. There are many types of haulers that are identified with ShipA1. Some are constructed to haul a single car, while some are developed to haul things which are incredibly long and heavy. For the mechanical edition, the truck needs a huge winch. Anything you need to ship, Shawn Transport has got trucks that are designed to move it. Flatbed trucks are available in many various shapes and sizes.

The company that specializes in construction equipment transport in America is ShipA1. With such a wide variety of construction equipment out there, knowing precisely what you’re shipping will let Shawn Transport secure you a better and more accurate car transport quote, which, in turn, will help us get your construction equipment moved a lot more quickly.

Heavy equipment hauling can be a complicated undertaking and it’s important to select a company that specializes in this work. One essential factor to think about aside from the professionalism and qualifications of the auto shipping company is the high quality and ability of the machines to transport. They should have the ability to haul every load whatever the size, weight, quantity, or the kind of equipment. ShipA1, in this case, is quite competitive because of the experts that are a part of it. Shawn Transport has, at its disposal, a variety of heavy haulers, that it uses for construction equipment transport. As construction equipment is a lot heavier and bulkier than even a huge pickup truck, Shawn Transport locates a flatbed transporter with a large enough truck that has the ability to move your heavy equipment smoothly.

Heavy equipment shipping may be a challenging endeavor, and it’s important that you pick a specialized carrier company that’s familiar and experienced with your hauling needs. One more thing that should be considered in regards to construction equipment shipping is choosing the correct construction equipment transport support or company. Before the carrier service arrives, you should take the essential actions & check the shipping quotes so as to make sure your equipment is shielded and secured for any unfavorable conditions it may encounter during its shipment.


You should know, not every shipping company has the ability for construction equipment shipping as it’s quite a daunting task and requires top-notch skilled personnel & the appropriate trailers that are necessary for doing the job.

Availability of Trailers

For construction equipment transport the car hauler must have (RGN) Removable Gooseneck Trailer, Flatbeds and Expendable trailers etc. And along with having these trailers and the dexterous employees we make it possible to ship your cars.

Factors That Determine The Price

  • Dimensions of the equipment

    We will need to evaluate the size, length etc. The permits that needs to be taken and if the equipments are large we have to dismantle it first & all these factors increases the price of your shipment.

  • Trailer Type

    From a wide range of options you should choose the trailer which is the most feasible for shipping. You will be guided whether a flatbed trailer is suitable or not etc and will modify the price you’re paying.

  • International Shipping

    Although we don’t ship internationally, but we believe in educating our customers and creating awareness. This is also among the detrimental factors affect your price.

Types of Construction Equipments shipped?

There is a lot of construction equipment. There are several deifferent kinds of trailers trailers that ship these equipment. These trailers are the main tools to ship these construction equipment:

  • Excavators and RV’s.

  • Forklifts & Concrete mixers.

  • Bulldozers.

  • Tractors and Concrete mixers.

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